Your water bills


For the past few years, you have been able to choose your own business water supplier, in the same way you can choose your electricity or gas supplier. The reality is that you won’t be able to make as large savings as you can with energy, but even a small saving can be a good thing. Also, if you have premises in more than one region of the country, you can get all your water bills from one company rather than just using the old local water company.

Why are the savings modest? Basically, the vast majority of the bills are the wholesaler costs of the actual water and sewage, with only a small amount for the retailer fees which are the administrative costs of invoicing and collecting the money. As such, the savings will be less than 5%.

BBA Energy are more than happy to get you pricing from a range of water suppliers. We can also integrate you water usage and costs alongside your energy within our Energy Manager portal, so you can have a single view of all your utilities. Get in touch to find out how.