BBA Energy has been working in partnership with the construction industry for over 15 years.

We have expertise in guiding our customers through the new connections process right up until the end of the supply contract or disconnection of supply.

We facilitate on schedule energy supplies, preventing unnecessary and costly delays. Dedicated team of energy consultants with direct dial and email access 5 days a week.

BBA have used their experience of the energy industry to provide a streamline process to set up timely connections.

BBA work in partnership with site management to provide a new supply to site in line with the project time scales.

BBA Energy arrange for the installation of meters to the specifications of the building design.

If a MOP is needed, this is arranged in a cost-effective manner making sure the necessary data is accessible for our client's needs.

BBA tender each connection to the energy market and analyse each quote for cost effectiveness. As each supply has different characteristics we look for the best value for our client's needs.

We track each supply contract to make sure no out of contract rates are incurred.

When a site is ready to hand over an energy supply the change of tenancy process needs to be completed logically and efficiently.

BBA liaise with the site well in advance of these needs to start the process in motion. We collate all the necessary information and send to the supply. We follow this process all the way to the final bill being issued and the account closed.

Temporary builder's supplies need to be logically disconnected. Until this takes place the supply will continue to incur standing charges. BBA have a streamline process for this making sure all is complete up until the account is closed.

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